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"Jabuka" Starch Industry from Pancevo is the oldest factory in the Balkans that uses the wet processing of corn. Located in South Banat, near Pancevo, right in the middle of rich corn fields, this factory has been processing top quality corn for more than 115 years into products that are of just the same high quality – corn starch, dry starch based modifications, glucose syrups, hydrolysates, dextrines, glues and by-products – glutten, grout and chits.

During the entire century of business, "Jabuka" has developed into a factory that can process 60 000 tons of corn per year. Silos were built within it’s area with the capacity for storing corn of 20 000 tons.

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Here you can download the specification for a new product Maltodextrin.
All JABUKAs business goals are realized by applying quality assurance system according to standards ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP, which involve a process of continuous improvement of business plants with application and implementation of quality policy at all levels.
On December 15-th 2011. we had the HACCP system certification by SGS.